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Basic guide to selling sites on flippa
If you want some startup cash in your Paypal account you can create a website to later sell it with profit. The best thing to do is to create a wordpress blog. Buy a niche related domain and some hosting and you are good to go!

I would advice you to add 50 (or more) articles to your site which are each bigger then 500 words so google sees your site as very informative and it will place the site higher in the search engines. Also make sure that your sites content is 100% unique content!

If you want to sell your blog high on flippa you will need to get your domain some pagerank. If you have a pr1 site your site will bring in 100$ more then if you had a pr0 domain for your website. To achieve a pr1 status you will need a lot of backlinks. Build a lot of web 2.0's linking to your blog, and then boost those web 2.0's with scrapebox blasts and forum profiles! If the blog comments and forum profiles have a high pagerank, your site will get a high pagerank and more authority. This will get the sites even higher in the search engines, and it will create more value for flippa buyers. You could easily sell such a site for 500$!

I have also a tip for you and that is: never blast your site directly with scrapebox or xrumer! Only blast high authority web 2.0 sites!

When your site has a pr1 status you can list it on flippa. Post the monthly adsense revenue, and the total ammount of visitors that your site gets on a monthly basis. You could easily get arround 200$ for a websote like that!

Thanks for reading, thanks and rep are appreciated! (trying to gain some status arround here)

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