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Best Adsense Positions For Your Blog
I see that many internet marketeers who are into blogging have google adsense on their blogs. They share good information in general, and the blog receives a good ammount of visitors. Yet they are not making alot of money with google adsense, and that all because they didn’t place their ads right. They have placed the adsense ads the way you would place them on a regular website or a forum. A blog needs different adsense placement, and i will show you exactly what the best adsense positions are for you blog!

Having the best places for your google adsense ads will sometimes double your earnings! Google adsense advertisements will almost always match with your content. This way they hope you can get the highest clickthrough rate, because your audience will read your content, and google will display ads that relate to that content. The best way to do with your adsense ads is to place them in your content! This way the users need to look at it, they cant ignore it, and it will stand out.

You can try different adsense formats, and which size of ads fits the best with your theme. I personally think a square in the beginning of your content and then a small banner on the end of your content is the best. Always use picture and text ads, and always create text ads that fit within your blog’s theme!

Here is a good example of some proper placement of google adsense ads. You can use these positions aswell to get the biggest ammount of profit available!

[Image: Peocw7Z.jpg]
(soruce: problogger.net)

If you have your adsense ads in these positions you will get a steady increase of adsense revenue. Remember that you offer content for free to your readers, and that you in no way have to feel guilty or something that you are showing all those ads on your blog. You will need to generate some money to pay for your webhosting right? I hope i have given you some insight on what adsense ad formats you can use, and where you can place them on your blog.
Right hand side of the blog is the best position to display ad. Don't display ad in between the content it will distract the reader.
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To see the link view you need register or login
To see the link view you need register or login
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