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Do Keywords In A Domain Matter
We get a lot of questions asking us if the keywords in a domain matter to help the site in its rankings or seo. The answer to that is yes, but not so much as it used to be. Back in the day, having a keyword of your website’s niche in your domain name was very important, and there were several companys who bought valuable domains to sell them later to webmasters for huge profit. If you had a website about cars, and the domain would also include the keyword cars, you would get a great seo advantage in the search engines.

Nowadays having a keyword in your domain name is only a small factor, and it doesnt really matter anymore. However, exact match domains still have some great seo value. Exact match domains or EMD’s are domains that have the exact keywords you are targetting in the domain name. An example would be: a site that is targetted on creating sculptures, with a domain name of
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. An exact match domain is mainly useful for microniche websites that are built completely arround one keyword. Having a emd still has some noticable value in the search engines, and it will allow you to rank your site higher with less backlinks pointing to it.

However, if you have an url other then an exact match domain, the keywords don’t really matter anymore. We (earnwiki.com) are a site that is based on giving seo tips and ways to make money online. Both of these terms are not included in the domain name, and we are still ranking good for those keywords. If you have a website about used cars, only the emd would have seo value,
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would have no seo advantages at all.

A lot of people still think that having a keyword in your domain is important, but it really isnt. It is more important to have a short domain name where you can build your brand upon. The age of a domain is also getting more and more important. The google panda update has focussed google much more on content, so if you create great content, you will be able to rank for any term, with any domain name!

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