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Endgame," "The Lion King," "Detective Pikachu" And Far more!
The Paddle Pop ice cream brand that we all love is much more than just an ice cream brand. It has the incredible ability to turn children into young adventurers. The Paddle Pop Lion character is even more popular than the ice cream itself. He features in cartoons, cool online games and even series. A brand in action, for sure.

Paddle Pop series and their messages

The series are lots of fun. They are full of adventure, bravery and friendship. The main messages of the series revolve around courage and strength and the importance of these qualities in a leader, and that good usually triumphs over evil. The values such as bravery, teamwork, friendship and endurance are all important; with these series helping to reinforce this in children, making the values come alive through the amazing characters.

The Paddle Pop DinoTerra movie synopsis

The hero of the movie is Paddle Pop the lion. He is the brave, new king of the jungle, full of fun and forever looking for adventures with his dinosaur friends. He has a partner, Leena, who is the brave leader of the Lion Liberation Movement, always cheering Paddle pop on with her courage. Paddle Pop has a magic staff with special crystals that give him all kinds of magic powers, enabling him and Leena to save all their dinosaur friends from the many trecherous situations they encounter. The evil Shadow Master, together with Queen Felina, the white tigress, is on a mission to conquer the world. The white tigers, who have been banished by the Lions into a frozen world, have no food and are in danger. This is why Felina has agreed to help the evil Shadow Master. Together, they travel back to the age of the dinosaurs on a quest to get Paddle Pop's powerful crystals that will help the evil Shadow Master to get control over the world. Felina's decision to help him is one she eventually regrets.

Previously released Paddle Pop movies

Galaktika (2005)

Magilika (2006)

Cyberion (2007)

Pyrata (2008)

Kombatei (2009)

Elemagika (2010)

Paddle Pop Begins (2011)

Paddle Pop Begins 2 (2012)
The fun-filled Paddle Pop website

The exciting and adventurous Paddle Pop website features cool online games for free, competitions, crafts, printables and more. The interactive games are extremely popular with thousands of Paddle Pop fans all over the world. The themes of the games are centred around good and evil, bravery, comradery, friendship and perseverance. In the dinosaur adventure games, kids can fly, run or roar across DinoTerra, the virtual prehistoric land, to get hold of the magic crystals. All the cool online games feature beautiful 3D imagery as well as 12 magical Dinos and 3 scary Dinosaur Guardians that can be individually controlled. The DinoTerra games also feature amazing soundtracks.

DinoTerra games on the Paddle Pop website

Dino Charge

Dino Roar

Secret Pyramid

Floating Islands
Paddle Pop crafts

For kids who can't get enough of the World of Paddle Pop's heroes, there are printables with which kids can craft their own Paddle Pop and Leena paper toys. How cool is that?

Paddle Pop poster design competition

Another cool creative thing you can do on the website is to help Paddle Pop create a new poster for the world of Paddle Pop. If your poster is the coolest, you can win rewards for games.

There is more to Paddle Pop than just ice cream. The brave Paddle Pop Lion features in cartoons, free online and mobile games as well as movies.

Paddle Pop from OLA lets kids be kids through adventurous play and its nutritionally responsible ice cream treats which have just the right balance of energy and fun! Paddle Pop has the unique ability to turn any kid into a young adventurer with a range of exciting ice creams and a fun flavour for every preference . Paddle Pop also has its own cartoon TV series called Paddle Pop Dinoterra and a website website where there are tons of games and a virtual dinosaur park.
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