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Few Facts about Apple Watches & their Designs
Few fact about apple watch that i have purchased few days before. Having tested the clock for a couple of weeks, I noticed that I never or very rarely use the application screen. Mainly because it is not needed. In the future, with the release of new applications, this may change, but in general, the main potential of the watch, in my opinion, is contained in those applications that Apple calls “Glances”. This is about how widgets are in Mac OS, or live tiles in Windows.

From the experience of using watches, I realized that the format of "launching applications" is not suitable for them. I look forward to the emergence of new "views" in the future.

1. Careful with notifications

After setting the clock, your iPhone starts to broadcast all the notifications to them. In the first couple of hours it’s fun, but then it starts to annoy you and you turn it off. But I like several types of notifications:
Invites from the calendar - simply accept or reject them
meeting notifications
reading incoming messages - it takes 50% less time than on the phone. Raised his hand, looked at the message - and all

2. Taptic Engine is cool

I belong to those people who have no iphone makes sounds. I like the world without ringtones, and the sound of the phone's vibration bothers me. Sometimes it seems to me that I hear it, even when the phone doesn’t really vibrate (I know many people with the same problem).

Taptic Engine can change this forever. It is a barely perceptible sensation on the wrist, as if someone was tapping the hand with a finger. And only you can feel it. No ringtones, vibrating tables - when everyone feverishly rushes to check the phone.

3. “Digital Crown” is a toy

Although he was widely advertised, I can not understand to whom it may be useful. I almost do not use it for scrolling - it's more convenient to do it with my finger. It would be convenient to read long texts, but nobody does it anyway.

Rather, it feels like a tribute to nostalgia and an attempt to imitate real watches. At least, does not interfere.

4. Out of sight - out of mind

The battery has a clock for one day, if used inactive. Consumption coincides with the iPhone, which eats the battery even better, because of the included bluetooth. Therefore, by the end of the day, both devices have to be charged.

The problem is that sometimes you forget to charge the watch, which is why they naturally become useless for the whole next day. And one skip wearing a watch starts a cycle in which you forget to charge them the next day. As a result, you take your old watch as a safety net, and, in the end, Apple smart Watch rafiqsonsonline.com/product-category/smart-watches/ is not used for a week.

And although this is a question of habit, in fact, this is because the Apple Watch is simply NOT NEEDED. You quiveringly charge your iPhone, because you cannot live without it, and without it you feel that something is missing.

If you forgot to charge or use your Apple Watch - nothing will happen, everything remains the same. This is how I stopped using the Jawbone bracelet - I forgot to charge it in one week, and I don’t have it. Out of sight, out of mind.

5. Magic

There is magic in the use of watches. For example, the application Uber. With one touch you order a car, and it drives up in a few minutes. Sitting in the car, you can see on the watch important contextual information on the route, including the time of arrival. It is amazing and beautifully demonstrates the useful use of the Apple Watch.

This, of course, is due to the essence of the Uber service and the way it fits well with the Apple Watch - but I hope to see more of these magic services and applications for the Apple Watch. (Including Apple Pay or FlightTracker). This is an example of how well Apple Watch is suitable for tasks that do not require interaction with the device for more than 10 seconds.

6. Health applications are underdeveloped.

Applications for health and fitness are advertised very widely, and I had high hopes for them. Now Apple Watch provides daily statistics on calories, amount of time spent standing, etc. But the potential of health-related functions seems endless - and so far this is not particularly realized in the clock.

They are more like a toy than a serious device for tracking health and fitness. And here I also hope that this situation will improve.

7. Nose gestures

I mentioned that the watch requires two hands - and an iPhone can use one. A few weeks later I began to have situations in which both hands were occupied. And I started to use my nose quite often for navigation or for pulling notifications on the watch. Sometimes even just because I was too lazy to raise my right hand (which could be, for example, a cup of coffee). It was interesting to watch such an unusual way of use.

8. Social acceptability

The new experience of using Apple Watch was that if during a conversation with a person I received a notification, it was very difficult to resist the temptation to immediately look at the watch. Interestingly, from a social point of view, for some reason, it is more acceptable to check your phone, than to look at your fossil watch rafiqsonsonline.com/product-category/fossil/ imperceptibly.

It is also worth noting that during the vibration of the iPhone, everyone notices this and understands that something needs your attention. And Apple Watch do it imperceptibly, and therefore there is some kind of social tension.

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