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Good Webdesign is important for your bounce rate!
Good webdesign, and a site where it is easy to navigate through, is very important for your bounce rate, and visitor activity on your website. For those of you that dont know what bounce rate is, ill explain it to you.

Bounce rate is the rate of users that do not clicktrough once they land on your page. For example, if a site gets 100 visitors per day, and 50 visitors would click another page on that site, or another link, you would have a bounce rate of 50%. If a site gets 100 visits, and only 10 users clicktrough, the site will have a 90% bounce rate.

It has been confirmed by google that bounce rate really does affect your rankings in the search engines, so the lower your bounce rate, the better it will be!

Sites that are hard to navigate throug because they are for example: using a bad readable lettertype, or sites that are stuffed full with advertisements, will usually have a high bounce rate. An improved design of the websites will help your bounce rate go down tremendously! For example: If a visitor sees exactly where he wants to go on your website, and if you have good content, chances are big that he will click on that page to check it out! This will not happen if the design is so horrible that he doesn't even know that that page exists!
I totally agree with you. Design is the most important element to reduce the bounce rate of your website/blog.
hi. I don,t now in this topic please tell me any one thanks for sharing.
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hi. In when they don't go further beyond your landing page but instead click away, your business might be suffering loss. Knowing your bounce rate and how it compares to other websites in your industry is important if you are to properly optimize your page to it's maximum conversion effectiveness.
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12 Web Design Changes That Improve Website Bounce Rates.

1. Deliver Content in a Flow
2. Identify the Bouncers
3. Place Your Ads Wisely
4. Reduce load times
5. Make it accessible and legible
6. Get to the point
7. Design for multiple screen devices
8. Interlink, Recommend and Relate
9. Provide previews and excerpts
10. Use engaging colors and headings
11. Include multimedia
12. Let Visitors Engage
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