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Hostnine PERFECT PBN Solution!
Hostinine has an awesome reseller solution.

You pay 18$ A a month an can host up to 100 sites!

With different D,C,B and A Class IPs in different 9 different locations.

I have 10 Sites on there none of them got deindexted after the Update, thats because they are not seen as an seohost in googles eyes, thats because 99% of their IPs are used by normal Websites, and not Private Blog Networks.

Everytime you create a new account for a domain host 9 automatically gives it most of the time a different IP Adress Smile
RAP, proud to be a member of Dark Hat SEO Forum since Feb 2016.
hi there.. really nice information.. i was looking for this since a long time…really appreciate the amount of work which you have put into to it.. thanks for sharing.
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