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How To Access Google.com
If you go to google.com you will see that it redirects to your own country. For me (i live in the netherlands) it redirects to google.nl. This is different for each country, test your own country and see where it redirects to.

Because each version of google ranks sites other (.nl, .be, .co.uk, .eu) it would be nice to see how the big and most used google.com ranked your sites. It is adviced to clear your cache, coockies, and history before you do such a reasearch because google places sites higher in the search engines that you have already visited. Anyways, to acces google.com from any country you will have to go this url

In Chrome, go to your settings from the “hamburger menu” (in the top right hand corner of your browser) and click settings. Then, under appearance select “change” under show home button. And there you have it, you can now search Google.com from anywhere in the world, directly from your homepage
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hi. In google chrome is go to the settings from the menu and click settings. Then selecting the change button in home page.
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