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How To Make Money With Fiverr
If you are struggling to make money online, and dont have a website, or dont know where to start, then joining fiverr to make some money will definately help you to get started! In fact, Earning with fiverr is super easy, and i have already made more then 300$ from them in just 2 months, and i only had 2 active gigs! If you dont know what fiverr is, ill explain it to you.

Fiverr is a website where people do small tasks/jobs that they call gigs for five dollars. These gigs can be anything from building some .EDU backlinks, to creating a 20 second long testimonial. Every time a user purchases a gig, 1$ go’s to fiverr, 4$ go’s to the seller. Fiverr has made a huge profit of over 5 million dollars, so they really know what they are upto. Every sale you make will take 3 days to complete, and after that it takes 2 weeks (14 days) to clear the payment before you can withdraw it to your paypal account.

After you have completed an order, your buyer can leave a positive, and a negative review. If you get a nice and positive review, buyers are more likely to buy your gig, because someone else told them the gig was good. To get the best reviews possible i would advice you to always overdeliver a certain percent of what you promised to deliver. This means that you give the buyer more then what he paid for. I will show you an example:

You have created a gig called “I will create 20 .edu backlinks for 5$” Now what you need to do is not to create 20 .edu backlinks, but to create 35 .edu backlinks! The buyer will see that you have overdelivered, and he will feel ultimately statisfied. This will get him to writing a really positive review about your service, which will then give you more orders. If they also write a positive review for your gig, you will get more and more orders everyday!

The only hard part on getting started on fiverr is to get a good review. But there is a really cool trick for that. You can just create a second account, and order your own gig, and then write a positive review about it. Fiverr does not care about multiple accounts that rate theirselves, as they will get 1$ per purchase. For each gig that you order for yourself you will spend five dollar, and you will get four dollar back in the end.

If you have sold a huge ammount of gigs on fiverr then there is a chance you will become a top rated seller. Top rated sellers have more advantage’s then normal sellers as they can for example add something usefull to the order for another 5$. So if they sell 20 .edu backlinks, they have to option to offer you 50 .edu backlinks for an additional 5$. This will get the user 10 free backlinks, and fiverr and the seller even more money.

To create an account on fiverr, and to start making money you can
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