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Its going great!
Hey guys!

Just tought i'd post a little update on the forum. We have now fully launched this forum, and we already have some really active members (flashback, bot, n3rds, viper13) so im very glad i have those by my side. as you might know: the hardest part of setting up a forum is having a few active members who make a few posts on the forum daily to make it grow day by day. If you do not have some active members arround your forum, you will get demotivated fast, and your forum will problably fail.

With you on my side i am sure that we will succeed. We are getting more and more members everyday, and those members are a great motivation, so keep on posting! When te community gets bigger you guys will also have an advantage over new members. You have joined the forum as one of the first members, and you are reputable, and have gained alot of knowledge. As bot told me before: a good reputation is vital in the internet marketing world. You guys will also have bigger chances of becoming future moderators, because i know you better, and i trust you better.

So thanks for being a part of this community, and lets make this forum one of the largest ever!

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