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one where it is fast and sharp
The upper is pretty much the same as the Distance.  Salming uses a 3-layer upper design. The outer
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layer is a harder, nylon-type mesh, with welded overlays on the inside.  The inner layer is a booty-style liner of softer mesh that also connects to the tongue.  The end result is a pretty comfortable interior, and I was able to go sockless for an entire marathon in the Distance, which has a similar upper to the Speed, with no issues.  The Speed 3 has a thinner lining material than the Distance, but it’s basically the same design.  Overall, the fit of the Salmings are quite good for my tastes, even though there are two notable fit issues. The first is that the shoes fit about a 1/4 size long, but are somewhat narrower than average.  This issue pretty much resolves itself since I would probably want to size up about a 1/4 size based on width anyway. The second issue, which I’ve had with all Salmings, is the the way they do the eyelets
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for their laces using fabric loops.  It’s an easy fix for me since I just cut off the loops and punch holes in the fabric that is already used for eyelets up higher on the shoe.  This provides a much more secure fit for me in the midfoot, and only takes around 5 minutes to mod using a leather punch like this.  While I don’t feel I have a super low volume foot, I’m definitely on the medium to low volume end of the spectrum, so those of you with more medium to higher volume feet should be fine with the shoes as they come.I thought the midsole on both the Distance and Race were quite good.  Salming uses their own injection molded RunLite compound – it has a firm feel, but has good responsiveness.  Not quite as good as adidas’ adiprene+ or Skechers’ new 5Gen, but still a very good midsole material that provides a fast, responsive
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ride with just the right amount of give to be forgiving on longer outings.  The Speed 3, as well as all the updated forthcoming 2016 models, will feature Salming’s new RunLite 2.0 midsole that seems to be lighter and yet just as, or even  more responsive.  The Speed dropped over 15 grams (.5 oz) in my size 13 from the 2015 to 2016 model, which I think is entirely from the midsole, and is not insubstantial

The ride of the Speed 3 sits in an interesting zone where it is fast and sharp enough to race 5k and 10k races in it, but also has some potential for the 1/2 marathon and marathon depending on the runner (very similar to the Skechers GOmeb Speed 2 and to some extent the GOmeb Speed 3 for me; yes both named Speed ?? ).  I’ve run it recently on a 15 mile run that included some tempo work and
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felt like would be enough shoe for the
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marathon for me as long as I’d spent some of my training block leading up to it in more minimal/lighter shoes.  The only question mark on what is otherwise a fantastic ride and geometry is that they left out the midfoot shank on this model.  Both the Distance and the lighter Race have one, and it is something I think that would be nice to add to the shoe at some point, although I will say I didn’t feel like it was noticeably absent.  One last thing of note is that the Speed 3 has a new insole that is made out of EVA rather than the memory foam like material that has been in all the other past Salmings.  This is a change I like since it adds just a hair more responsiveness and is also a bit lighter.
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