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Technorati Blog Directory
When you have a blog it is really important that you have some valuable backlinks linking in to you. It is also important that the backlink is from a high quality. Today I will give you a tip to get a high pr (pr6) whitehat backlink for your blog.

You need to go to technorati.com, and then you need to go to the blog directory. Submit your blog, and let them review your blog. This should take a few days. Once they have reviewed your blog, and they have verified your blog, and you are accepted you are in! You will now have a free pr6 dofollow backlink, that is from a high quality. Not everyone will get into this directory, and it is only for whitehat blogs, to ensure the backlinks will stay of a great quality!
hi.In  Over the past decade Technorati had become a staple on the web. Unlike other directories it focused on content, rating and sorting blogs on a 1000 point scale using its “Technorati Authority” algorithm.
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