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Tips to avoid being scammed
When you are buying online items on a forum or site, there is always a risk that you will be scammed.

Here are a few tips that will help you to make you more alert when something is a scam, and when it isn't.

1. Always checkout the site you are buying from on google with the keyword scam, so if you are buying from a site search this: "buyersite.com scam"

If it is a scam several reports will popup which will show if it really is a scam.

2. If you are buying on the forum, always look if someone has a good reputation, and if someone has alot of thanks. You can also lookup the date they joined the forum, and you can checkout other members reviews.

3. Trust your common sense. If something seems to good to be true, it most likely is. Only buy things that seem worthy buying, because in the end, you will always get what you pay for.

4. If you don't know the person you're dealing with, use escrow service for at least the first payment. That way you're protected if the person doesn't deliver the service/goods as promised. Escrow service also protects the seller if the buyer just leaves without paying.

I hope this has given you some tips to become aware of scammers. If you have been scammed on this forum, please feel free to create a "scammed by" thread in this section, and we will do anything in our power to sort it out.

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