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Tips To NOT Get Banned By Adsense!
Getting an adsense account is hard and when you finally have it, the last thing you want is getting it banned by a stupid reason. Sadly thousands of adsense accounts are banned each week, just because the owners of the accounts just did not think and read their terms and policies before they placed the ads on their sites. To prevent this happening to you, i will go through the most common mistakes users make that get their google adsense account banned.

1. Clicking on your own adsense ads. The number one mistake is that users think they can trick google, and make some quick cash by clicking their own ads. Google can see everything, and has special patterns that can detect click fraud. Google will ban you without a question if they find out you have been clicking your own ads. You think you will make some money, but infact it will cost you your whole account, DO NOT CLICK YOUR OWN ADS!

2. Placing adsense ads on the wrong sites. Placing your adsense ads on porn sites, hacking websites, or any other site that involves illigal activity is a big NO. Google adsense can only be placed on family safe websites. Sometimes google adsense sends a message to you to ask to take your ads down, but most of the time they just ban your account.

3. Placing more then 3 ad blocks per page on the site. You may only place 3 adsense ads per page on your website. If you do more of this google might ban you. It is also not allowed to place adsense ads on redirecting page's, and pages with only a few lines of content (more ads then content) and google will ban you if you do this.

If you follow these tips you will have a really low chance of getting your site banned for adsense. Just dont do anything crazy with your google adsense account, and you will be fine. Google pays thousands of people (including me) monthly with a big fat cheque, so it is a really nice way to get money from your websites!
Prevent your Adsense account

1. Don't click your own ad
2. Avoid begging for clicks
3. Dont change the adense code
4. Avoids invalid codes
5. Knows blogs langauge
6. Dont use forbidden content
7. Paid traffic
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Never ever click your own ad. Because Google can easily track you and don't add more than 3 Adsense code in a single page of your website. If you add more than 3 then your account will be banned
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To see the link view you need register or login

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