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What hosting should i get? Offshore VS Onshore
If you are starting a website you will obviously need some good hosting. Most of the websites are fine with onshore shared hosting, but some websites require offshore hosting.

I will explain what they are. Onshore hosting is hosting that is located in the united states. The hosting in the us is way more stricter on things to upload, then hosting out of the us. So people who are hosting forums etc which can not be controlled on which subject there will be posted, almost always use offshore hosting.

The rules of offshore hosting are better, and you are allowed to host alot more websites.

If your websites gets under 10.000 visitors per month, you will be fine with shared hosting. If your site gets between 10.000 to 50.000 visitors per month you will need a vps, and if it goes past that point it will be very smart to get your own dedicated server.

If you keep having a website which receives 25000 visitors per month on a shared hosting plan, your site will be suuper slow.

I hope this gave you some insight on the different kinds of hosting that are available. If you enjoyed my post, please hit the thanks or rep button, they arent there for nothing!

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