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What Is A Exact Match Domain or EMD
Exact match domain or EMD, is a term that is widely used in the internet marketing world. You might have seen it on Earnwiki before, and you might have tought by yourself, What is an exact match domain? An Exact match domain is a domain that matches perfectly with your targetted keyword for the website. A exact match domain is most of the time’s a .com, but if that one is not available for purchase anymore, .net and .org exact match domains are used. EMD’s are mostly used for micro niche website’s that are targetting one specific keyword. So, If you have a website that is focussed on the keyword “wooden planks”, then your exact match domain would be woodenplanks.com.

Now you might think by yourself, why is it handy for me to use an exact match domain like woodenplanks.com, and not goodqualitywoodenplanks.com? The reason behind EMD’s is SEO advantage’s. When search engine’s crawl your website, the first thing they tend to do is to look at the domain name to determine the subject of the website. When they see that your domain matches with the keyword you are targetting with the content on the website, it will give you a good SEO advantage, because google will know that you are a knowledgeable, and a sort of obsessed with your targetted keyword.

If you are going to buy an exact match domain it is important that you choose a good one. Do good keyword research, make sure it has a high search volume per month, and make sure that the cost per click is high if you are planning to monetize the site with adsense. When you have found a good keyword you need to write like 5 long article’s targetting the keyword, with a keyword density of arround 4%. This will make sure the search engine’s know that you are targetting the keyword, and they then will rank you good for the keyword.

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