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What is SAPE links?
SAPE, PBN, SPAM will rank most parasites including Amazon. You can start with the fiver gigs. If they work great. if they dont. use pbn / spam services from reputable service providers. you know when they reputable and genuine by reading the reviews or comments on their threads. (BSTs) the genuine ones will have real rank reviews and lots of following from lots of members. the fakes will have lots of comments like, placed an order, or paypal transaction id. if they genuine. the clients will come back and leave a positive review. some even with rank results and graphs to prove.

Only problem ive got with fiverr services.. is that you could poison your site even before you start to rank by using cheap services. you get what you pay for.

Most SAPE packages are on a monthly rental basis so you can always just cancel the sub if the links don't get you the results you want.
hi. In Sape is a Russian Link Network, a market for buying and selling backlinks. These links are usually located in the footer, sidebar or at the very top of the page.
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